L3DAS23 Challenge


Registrations are closed.

The deadline to register for the the L3DAS23 Challenge was February 10, 2023.

Does my team have to register to participate in the challenge?
Yes. We require each team to register to participate in the challenge. The registration form is available from November 28, 2022 to February 10, 2023.

I don't see the registration form on this page, what should I do?
The registration form is made with Google Forms. Due to possible restrictions, some participants may not be able to view it correctly in some geographical areas. In such cases, you can send an email to l3das@uniroma1.it, specifying: 1) the team name, 2) full name and affiliation of all team members, 3) full name of team captain, 4) email of team captain, 5) the task(s) in which you would like to participate (i.e., 3D SE and/or 3D SELD), 6) track(s) of interest (i.e., audio-only and/or audio-visual), 7) tentative paper title, 8) comments (if any). For the purposes of participating in the challenge, the email must be sent within the same timeframe that applies to the registration form.

Does filling out the registration form bind me to participating in the challenge?
No. Even after filling out the registration form, you can decide not to submit your results and, therefore, not to participate in the challenge.